After considerable research, we have selected Santa Cruz Island sheep to join us on the property. The sheep have a rich and fascinating history and are listed as Critically Endangered through the Livestock Conservancy.

We value their small stature, drought tolerance and ability to thrive on marginal forage. Their somewhat delicate appearance belies their rugged nature. We believe our ranch, with its 50-75% slope, black rock outcroppings and maritime influence mimic the sheep's home environment on Santa Cruz Island. The sheep prefer to forage on our Coyote Brush and California Sage and provide an important fuel reduction management tool given our position on Mt. Tamalpais. We are currently utilizing rotational grazing methods to enhance pasture vitality and are employing regenerative soil practices.

The Santa Cruz Island wool is soft and fine textured with a high lanolin content and short staple. We have recently completed our first shearing and will be offering a limited amount of SCI wool for sale.

Please contact us for wool availability:

Santa Cruz Island sheep