Our pastured chickens are raised with love, as are all of the animals that live with us. We think it makes a difference you can taste in the eggs they produce. We have a mixed flock of hens chosen for disposition, heritage and egg coloration. The hens eat grass and other greens and scratch, hunt and peck for bugs and worms from early morning until the sun goes down. They are also offered free choice organic layer food and produce a variety of colored eggs. Two gentlemen roosters watch over the flocks that graze through the olive orchard and the meadow.

Sometimes our hens choose to hide their eggs around the ranch; there's a particularly strong willed hen who hops our six-foot fence almost daily and walks down the path from the hen house, across the patio, through the garden beds and ducks under the Rosemary to lay a special egg. While we can’t guarantee that this special egg will be in your dozen; we can’t guarantee that it won’t.

Our eggs are offered for sale locally through Parkside Cafe Stinson Beach.