Our olive trees are a mix of Italian varietals and are farmed just a few hundred feet above sea level overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The olives are small at maturity and produce a robust and peppery oil comprised of Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Moraiolo and Pendolino, with some Rosciola trees thrown in for good measure.

The trees are drip irrigated with rain water collected from a roof catchment system and are tended with organic practices. Holding tanks at the top of the property allow for gravity fed irrigation through drip lines placed at the base of each tree. We hand weed each tree and apply mulch from the clippings of the olive trees around the base. We also make olive wood buttons from the pruned branches.

Our first olive harvest yielded a small amount of delicious tasting oil in 2016. We were pleased with another harvest in 2017. We release a small amount of oil for sale each year and hope successive years will bring us increasingly larger yields. We have since added Taggascia trees and hope the varietal will compliment our Tuscan blend moving forward.

In the future we would love to incorporate our sheep grazing the olive orchards once our trees gain more maturity.