Fermented Foods with Phoebe & Maggie of Wild West Ferments – CANCELLED

Date/Time: TBD

Location: Black Rock Ranch, Stinson Beach CA
(Address provided after registration)

In this hands-on workshop Maggie and Phoebe will teach you all they know about fermented foods, give tastes and samples and send you home with your own ferment to tend and enjoy. Read more below…


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Maggie has spent many years studying, practicing, and teaching ways and whys of fermentation. She is forever enamored; it is a subject matter that never lags, reaching generously from science and nutrition to history, anthropology, lore and ancestral foodways. Successful fermentation calls for a balance of intuition, careful watching, and critical thinking. Before launching Wild West Ferments more than a decade ago, Maggie traveled all over Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Ukraine searching out traditional foodways, food preservation methods and fermentation traditions. She returned home more inspired than ever and has been a professional fermenter ever since, selling high quality fermented goods through various outlets and teaching youth and adults alike… in home kitchens, schools, libraries, at conventions, conferences, and gatherings. Maggie feels the strong connection to place, health, and heritage that fermentation offers everyone who approaches it. She rejoices in allaying fears and concerns and helping people to learn the richness that alliances with the microscopic world brings.

Maggie’s sister, Phoebe was her first student and has been fermenting and teaching others the art of fermentation ever since her sister taught her this joy over 15 years ago. Having lost their mother to cancer 20 years ago both sisters feel the importance of the health and deliciousness that it brings to their families. Together they will teach you all they know in this hands-on workshop, and give tastes and samples and send you home with your own ferment to tend and enjoy.